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Trelawny A22 Vacuum Cleaner HEPA

Article number 303.4105H
1.795,00 Excluded VAT

Trelawny A22 Industial Vacuum Cleaner HEPA

Powerful and light, sturdy and silent, outstanding in filtration: the Trelawny A 22 is the ultimate compact industrial vacuum, presenting what is by far the highest filtration capacity in its category: this fully steel built machine is suitable for an extended range of applications, including suction of fine and toxic/hazardous dust, solid material such as chips and shavings and small quantities of liquids.
The number of options available (HEPA filtration, stainless steel, ATEX explosion proof, use of disposable collection bags) and a wide choice of accessories render the Trelawny A 22 appealing to a high number of different industries and applications. The Trelawny A 22 enables the operator to work in full comfort, by eliminating the frequent interruptions to check and clean the vacuum filter, thus speeding up the operation.
The safe removal of dust into disposable bags, low noise level, ease of transport (it fits in the back of a car!), outstanding filtration capacity and rugged construction make it the ideal working companion in an extremely large range of applications.

Output Power 2.3 kW
Output Flow 360 m³/h
Vacuum Rate 2500 mm.H2O
Type of filter Cartridge
Filter Surface 30.000 cm²
Airload on filter 120 m³/u
Capacity Polyester bag 20 ltr.
Suction Inlet Ø 50 mm
Noise level 74 dbA
Dimension 480x520x1000 mm
Weight 31 kg
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